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Date: Thu 23 Jun 2005
Subject: VIPAC

Dear Mr. President:

This week’s summit between Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and Arab
Palestinian Authority Head Abbas was called a failure by Arab leaders. The
Jerusalem Post stated that the “Palestinian leaders expressed frustration
over Israel's insistence on linking major concessions to the cessation of
violence.” (June 22 2005)

As usual the Arabs expect one sided concessions while they continue to
murder Israelis.

Rockets are still being fired from Arab Gaza into Israel. An Israeli
motorist was murdered by Arabs. Is this peace? Are the Arabs to be
congratulated for talking peace and acting war?

Until Israel has a peace partner that can make peace there will be death
and mayhem in Israel. A peace process consists of two sides making
concrete concessions that they can keep. Arab failure to control Hamas
Islamic Jihad Al Fata and Hizbollah to name a few of the Arab murder
bands that continue making attacks against Israel undermines the peace

For Arabs to believe that they can extract major concessions from Israel
without the cessation of Arab violence is absurd. The proposed evacuation
of Jews from Gaza is a reward for the violence and murder that is being
committed by organized Arab groups.

I urge you to support Israel and a sane peace process.

Respectfully yours




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