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Date: Tue 28 Jun 2005
Subject: Support Israel! End Bush Aid to PLO terror! (VIPAC)

Dear President Bush:

This past week you forced Israel to remove checkpoints in Judea and
Samaria. You have done this before and the bloody results have always
been the same. This time a 17 year old boy Avihai Levy and his 16 year
old friend Aviad Mansour were murdered by Arab terrorists in King David's
ancient capital of Hebron on June 24.

Brigade Commander Colonel Moti Baruch said that the PLO terrorists who
carried out these murders took advantage of the recent easing of
restrictions on Palestinian movement in the southern Mount Hebron area.
In other words Mr. President these PLO terrorists were free to go about
their bloody business because of vital security restrictions that were
removed at your insistence.

Mr. President please stop pressuring Israel to remove checkpoints and
security restrictions that are necessary to prevent murders like these.
Also please stop your billion dollar aid program for the PLO which was
the organization that sponsored these recent murders in Hebron. And
please end you advocacy of a PLO state that will only serve as a launching
pad for future 9/11-type attacks against Israel and America. Instead
please support Israeli sovereignty in the entire historical and Biblical
homeland of the Jewish people.




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