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Date: Thu 7 Jul 2005
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel: London Attacks Result From Appeasing Arab

Dear Mr. President:

The recent terrorist attacks in London have brought back memories of 9/11
and the bus bombings that plagued Israel since the Oslo “Peace”
conference. Pictures of a London bus broken open like a “Sardine Can”
could be mistaken for the numerous buses that have been torn apart in
Jerusalem and other parts of Israel by Arab murderers. The failure of the
West particularly Europe to stand behind Israel in the war against Arab
terrorism has resulted in the spread of this “disease” to Madrid and now

The upcoming unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Gaza will appear to the
Arabs to be a reward for the continuing attacks against Israel by Hamas
Hezbollah and other terrorist groups. While one hopes for peace there are
tremendous risks for Israel and its citizens. The withdrawal from Gaza
will allow the terrorists a closer base from which to attack Israeli
cities. The Palestinian Arab Authority has not made any attempt to reign
in the terrorists. Its solution is to incorporate terrorist murderers into
their “security forces.” This is hardly a reassuring solution for Israelis
who are yearning for peace.

I urge you to rethink the policy making concessions to the Arabs one’s
enemy without requiring them to make a meaningful commitment toward
peace. The banishment of Jews from Gaza is a one sided concession to the
Arabs that will only bring more Londons and Madrids.

Respectfully yours

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