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Date: Thu 14 Jul 2005
Subject: VIPAC

Dear Mr. President:

The recent terrorist attacks in London have forced the Western World to
take note of the dangers of Arab terror. The passivity of Europe and its
allies in response to decades of terrorist attacks against Israel has
“come home to roost” with the attacks in Madrid and London.

Alan Dershowitz in a posting in on July 8 2005
stated: “The Palestinian (Arab) Authority and its leaders are the
godfathers of international terrorism. … Were it not for their employment
of terrorism the Palestinian cause would ... be regarded as a fifth rate
human rights issue … it rightfully is. But because the Palestinian (Arab)
leadership has always used terrorism … as a tactic of first resort their
cause has received worldwide recognition.”

The London police are pursuing the terrorist murderers and their
accomplices and handlers. The Madrid police are doing the same. Yet we are
asking Israel to reward the Arabs for their attacks against its citizens:
give them a police force give them an independent state and give them
more and more. Has the terror stopped? No!

This week four women were murdered in the Israeli city of Netanya by an
Arab teenager coming from a town under Arab autonomy. There has been a
sharp increase in shooting and bomb attacks throughout Judea Samaria and
Gaza in recent days with shots fired into pre-1967 Israel from Samaria as
well. On July 12th two Israeli soldiers were wounded when their jeep drove
over a roadside bomb in the hothouse area of the Gush Katif community of
Netzer Hazani. On July 11th there were ten separate shooting attacks on
Jewish targets in the Gaza region. Two mortar shells were fired at Gush
Katif towns as well. Just north of the Sufa crossing near Rafiah Israeli
forces discovered two 100-pound bombs. Border Police sappers detonated
them in controlled explosions. A 65-pound bomb was also discovered near
Dugit in northern Gaza. Attempts to neutralize the bomb resulted in light
injuries to four soldiers. In Samaria an Arab attacker threw a firebomb
at a resident of Homesh as he drove along the road between his home town
and neighboring Burka. There were no injuries or damage in the attack.
Israeli soldiers were targeted in the following incidents: a firebomb
attack near Baka el-Sharqiya southwest of Jenin; a pipe bomb attack in
the El-Eida area on the outskirts of Bethlehem; and a double firebomb
attack in the village of Kfar Na'ama in the vicinity of Ramallah. No
injuries were reported in any of the attack. Gunfire was directed at the
community of Rom-On Sunday night. The community is within the Green Line
and is a suburb of the city of Afula. One of the bullets flew through a
window of one of the community's homes. The attack took place despite the
completion of the separation fence in that region.

The above is not a description of a “ceasefire” but of a “war.” Our
insistence on the creation of an autonomous / independent Palestinian Arab
entity will result in a safe haven for Arab / Islamofacist terrorist
training and recruitment and will be a springboard for attacks against

Any concessions to the Arabs under fire are only an encouragement to the
terror they have been spreading around the world. I urge you to withdraw
your support of one sided concessions to terrorists at a time when world
wide terror is on the upswing. Concessions to criminals and murderers will
only encourage further terror.

Respectfully yours

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