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Date: Thu 28 Jul 2005
Subject: Support Israel! Don't Praise PLO Terror! (VIPAC resendsorry)

Dear Mr. President:

Secretary of State Rice on her recent trip to Israel demanded that
Israel reduce its security measures against PLO suicide bombers while
praising PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas for "cracking down on terror" even while
his organization continues to launch attacks against Israel.

The Zionist Organization of America's President Morton A. Klein has
strongly criticized your administration for this skewed approach. "We are
deeply perplexed by Rice's strong praise of Abbas' alleged actions against
terrorism" President Klein said. "What actions? He hasn't disarmed or
dismantled any terror groups. He hasn't stopped incitement against Jews
and Israel in his media schools or mosques. He hasn't changed the names
of the schools streets and sports teams presently named after suicide
bombers. He hasn't stopped smuggling in weapons from the Sinai to Gaza and
he hasn't closed the bomb factories."

"(But) when it comes to Israel she demands adherence to the Roadmap
reduced or no checkpoints stop building homes anywhere in Judea and
Samaria or Eastern Jerusalem condemns the security fence demands
contiguity and states that Israel cannot keep any land past the 1949
armistice line without Palestinian Arab approval. All these demands of
Israel are before Abbas has fulfilled a single sentence of the Roadmap.

"This type of approach only encourages Abbas to do nothing and only harms
the security of America's only real ally in the Mideast Israel."

President Bush I would like to add that this morally inverted approach of
yours which rewards Arab terror and castigates Israel's legitimate
security needs bitterly disappoints many who voted for you and reduces
domestic support for your policies.




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