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Date: Thu 4 Aug 2005
Subject: VIPAC

Dear Mr. President:

I am an American deeply committed to the best interests of my country. And
I believe that it is in my nation's best interest to help keep Israel
strong: America and Israel have been the leaders in the fight against

What is about to happen now is very distressing. The current plan for
"disengagement" - which requires a pullout from Gaza and N. Samaria -
works against Israel's strength and also works against America's goals.

The pullout would bolster the forces of terrorism and deliver the message
that terrorism pays. Gaza would become a terrorist stronghold. Already
there is an al-Qaida cell there called Jandallah. Its spokesman Abu
Abdallah al-Khattab has vowed they would take revenge for U.S. actions
against Muslims: "...the blood of Muslims is not cheap... Soon everyone
will see operations against the U.S. that would make all Muslims
delighted." In addition to this Hamas is recruiting an army and
stockpiling weapons.

Not only Israel but also other pro-U.S. regimes such as Jordan would be
threatened while radical violent anti-U.S. regimes would be supported by
the growing terrorist presence.

I implore you to take all possible action to stop American financial
support for the planned Israeli pullout from Gaza and N. Samaria.

Respectfully yours

Prepared by Israel Resource News Agency*

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