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Date: Thu 18 Aug 2005
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel: No More Israeli Concessions Until the

Dear Mr. President:

I am concerned about our government’s continuing support of the
Palestinian Arabs in their war against Israel. Despite years of promises
the Palestinian Arabs have not been true to their pledge to stop
incitement against Israel. The recent Israeli withdrawal from Gaza is but
the latest of a long list of concessions made by Israel without any
corresponding responses from the Arabs. Arab promises to stop terrorist
and murder attacks incitement in schools and the press and to end the
economic boycott have failed to materialize in deed and action.

The recent expose regarding the use of United Nations funds to finance
Palestinian Arab propaganda campaigns including the production of
materials bearing the inciteful slogan “Today Gaza Tomorrow the West
Bank and Jerusalem” is a continuation of the world-wide effort to
dismantle the Jewish state. The support of this Palestinian Arab effort to
continue the war against Israel is counterproductive to the achievement of
peace in the Middle East and in our own war against terror within the
United States.

The increasing popularity of Hamas a terrorist murder organization
located in Palestinian Arab control territories has been the response to
the concessions by Israel. Palestinian Arab belief that terrorist attacks
have contributed to the Israeli withdrawal have only encouraged more
terrorist operations.

As an editorial in The New York Sun (August 18 2005) states “The answer
is going to have to come from mosques and schools that don’t preach hate
from independent Arab Palestinian newspapers and radio stations that don’t
preach hate from Palestinian Arab courts that are impartial and fair… The
challenge for Washington to focus on in the coming months and years will
not be to wrest more territorial concessions out of Israel but to wrest a
free and democratic society out of the Palestinian Arabs.”

Until there is a movement of Palestinian Arab and world Arab policies away
from incitement and terrorist activity the concessions made by Israel
will bring further bloodshed. I urge you to stop our government’s support
of the Palestinian Terrorist Authority. Forcing Israel to make one sided
concessions is not the way to peace. It is time for the Palestinian Arabs
to make moves for peace.

Respectfully yours




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