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From: Martin Berkowitz
Date: Thu 10 Feb 2000
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel


Dear Sir:

This week there were serious sounds of battle coming out of the Middle
East. Six Israeli soldiers were murdered by the Arab Hizbola and the
Israelis were forced to retaliate. With the Israelis promising to leave
the Lebanese security area within six months one would think that the
Arabs would encourage the Israelis by keeping the peace. Somehow that is
logic that hasn't been accepted by the Syrians the Iranians and their
surrogates in Lebanon.

The Israelis entered Lebanon almost two decades ago in an attempt to keep
the peace on its northern border. One would assume that reasonable men
would say that if the Israelis are leaving we must encourage them by
keeping the peace. It appears that the Arab logic is "make war six
months is too long we must get them out now!"

What are the Israeli citizenry living in the northern towns and cities
going to expect when the Arab terrorists with their Syrain and Iranian
patrons encouragement are withln yards of their homes kindergartens and

The peace talks between Israel and Syria are a farce and will continue to
be a farce until the Israelis have a partner interested in making peace.
The Arabs after fifty plus years of war are still not ready to live in
peace with Israel.

We cannot make Israel accept a hollow peace with unwilling partners.

While it will be a major achievment to conclude a Middle East peace
agreement this year America should not waste it efforts until the Arabs
are willing. There are other areas where this administration should focus
its efforts.

In this week's Jerusalem Post I noted a quote from the President of
Israel Ezer Weitzman a long time dove:

"We are in a situation where the world is prepared to put up with Kosovo
without saying a word and with what the Russians did in Chechniya but if
we did what they did there heaven help us...There are double standards."

I urge you to support Israel. Help it protect its citizens against
irrational terror. But until the Arabs are ready for peace there can be
none in the Middle East. Instead let us focus our efforts in Kosovo the
Congo and in other parts of the world where there is a chance for peace.
Until the Arabs realize what living in peace is we will be wasting our

Respectfully yours
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