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Date: Sat 27 Aug 2005
Subject: Support Israeli rule in Jerusalem and Ma'ale Adumim!(resendsorry)

Dear Mr. President:

On August 25 in the Crawford Texas Middle School the following
interchange took place with your spokesman Trent Duffy:

"...Q On the Middle East Prime Minister Abbas says Israel has intentionally
tried to damage peace prospects by announcing plans to expand the largest
West Bank settlement and after killing five extremists. What do you guys
have to say about the expansion of Ma'ale Adumim as well as the recent

MR. DUFFY: Well we always denounce any violence and we urge both sides to
exercise calm. ... "

Mr. President that is not true. When American troops kill Islamist
terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan they do so on your orders as their
commander-in-chief. You do not "denounce" American soldiers for their use
of lethal violence. On the contrary you demand it you praise it as
bravery and you honor it as service to our country.

For you to allow your spokesman to criticize Israel as it fights for its
life against Islamist terrorists is not only hypocritical but is harmful
to the American soldiers you have placed in harm's way. Every
condemnation of Israel's fight for survival against Arab terror issued by
your administration can and will be used to delegitimize the American
soldiers you have sent to the Middle East. Such propaganda increases the
vulnerability of the American soldiers there and exposes them to greater

Please consistently and volubly express support for Israel's fight against
Arab terror. Supporting Israel's defensive wall around all of Jerusalem
and its suburb of Ma'ale Adumim would be a first step in the right
direction. That way your administration will be strengthening our allies
in the war against Arab terror instead of encouraging the Islamist
terrorists who threaten free people everywhere.




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