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Date: Thu 1 Sep 2005
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: Further Concessions to the Arabs will

Dear Mr. President:

The news of the natural disaster in Mississippi and Louisiana and the
hundreds of thousands of refugees created in its wake is one more in a
series of natural disasters that have followed the recent Tsunami in
Southeast Asia. The power of nature has overshadowed the man made
disasters that occurred with the bombings in Oklahoma City Madrid and
London and the attacks on New York’s World Trade Center. While we have
much to do to try to tame nature and the power of G-d we have even more
to do to try to tame our own excesses in regard to man’s inhumane
treatment of his fellow man.

The recent forced evacuation of the Jewish residents of Gaza in no way can
be compared to the tragedy of the natural disasters mentioned above. But
our continuing failure to force the Palestinian Arabs to make appropriate
concessions will encourage the continuation of the war against Israel. For
months we have been waiting for the Palestinian Arabs to stop their
incitement and attacks against Israel. In response your government has
demanded that Israel make additional concessions to the Arabs: withdrawal
of the Jewish residents of Gaza to make that territory Jude rein; and the
cessation of the building of housing for the Jewish residents of the city
of Ma’aleh Adumim a suburb of Jerusalem. While you have demanded that the
Arabs demonstrate their willingness to make peace with Israel you have
tolerated their non-compliance.

After the forced withdrawal of the Jewish residents of Gaza we should
expect reciprocal acts on the part of the Palestinian Arabs. The following
is an excerpt from a news article dated August 30 2005 regarding the
Palestinian Arab responses to the forced withdrawal:

“IDF forces apprehended and arrested a 14-year-old Arab boy attempting to
smuggle three pipe bombs out of the city of Shechem in Samaria. The
would-be smuggler was caught at the Hawara checkpoint and IDF sappers were
summoned to safely neutralize the bombs.

Arab terrorists also threw a firebomb at an Israeli vehicle traveling on
the main Jerusalem-Gush Etzion road after four such firebombs were thrown
near the town of El-Khadr Sunday night as well….

An IDF soldier was lightly wounded by shrapnel after Arabs opened fire on
a truck he was driving near the recently-demolished Jewish community of
Morag in southern Gaza.

PA Arabs also opened fire Monday afternoon at an IDF position near the
Kissufim route leading from the Kissufim Crossing into Gush Katif. Shots
were also fired toward an IDF position near N’vei Dekalim which is
currently being bulldozed. There were no injuries in either incident.

IDF troops captured two armed Arab terrorists trying to infiltrate into
Israel from Gaza. The terrorists were captured near the Karni crossing
not far from the uprooted Jewish community of Netzarim.

A mortar shell was fired at central Gush Katif Sunday night failing to
inflict any injuries.”

At what point will your government say to the Arabs “no more concessions
until you reciprocate?” How much more of Israel will your government force
the Israelis to give back in exchange for more attacks? Concessions your
government will not make to Osama Bin-Laden you are forcing Israel to make
to its enemies.

Your policies in the Middle East will not bring peace. Concessions and
givebacks are only encouraging the Arabs to increase their war against

It is time to stop making concessions in exchange for unfulfilled
promises. It is time to for the Arabs to make peace with Israel. Israel
have given up enough. It is the Arab’s turn to make concessions for peace.

Respectfully yours

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