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Date: Thu 8 Sep 2005
Subject: Support Israel! Stop your funds & guns for PLO! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Below is a report of the recent signing of an agreement for $50 million in
US aid to the PA on August 24 2005 followed by two recent official
Palestinian Authority anti-American diatribes.
"The [Palestinian] National Authority yesterday signed an agreement with
the US Government to the value of 50 million dollars. According to the
agreement Washington will provide the National Authority with a grant for
funding housing and infrastructure projects. On the Palestinian side
Finance Minister Dr. Salam Fayad signed [the agreement] and for the
American side the US Consul General Jacob Willis and the vice manager
of the US Agency for International Development David Harden signed the
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida August 25 2005]
Sermon by Yusuf Abu Sneina Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque: "Anyone who watches
closely the nature of our world today can see that the heretical
countries - first and foremost the USA - have succeeded greatly in
tearing our Islamic world apart by disintegrating and splitting up more
than one Islamic state intending to weaken it disperse [its citizens]
and plunder its resources. It is terrorism and there's no choice but to
fight it."
[Yusuf Abu Sneina Voice of Palestine September 2 2005.]

In a recent July 8th broadcast Abbas-controlled PA TV calls to
"annihilate the infidels [common reference to US and Western countries]?
God count them and kill them to the last one and don't leave even one."

Mr. President why are you giving these people money and guns? The
Palestinians have taught their people for generations to attack and kill
Americans and continue to indoctrinate violent hatred of America in their
official public media. What do you think they will do with the funds and
the guns you give to these people who joyously danced in their streets on
9/11? Join the ranks of the American National Guard?

The PLO will use the resources you are giving to kill Americans. It is as
inevitable and as easily foreseen as the powerful hurricanes that each
year hit the gulf coast of the United States. New Orleans was destroyed
and thousands of Americans killed because too many people were too
irresponsible to prepare sufficiently for dangers it faced. Your ongoing
supply of funds and guns to the PLO is even more irresponsible and poses
an even greater danger to American security.

Please for the sake of America's life and liberty end your support of
the PLO!




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