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Date: Tue 13 Sep 2005
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: State

Dear Mr. President

Your Administration has reached a moral low in its criticism of Israel for
not removing the Gaza Synagogues. In response to the Palestinian Arabs
destruction of Synagogues in Gaza an editorial in the September 13th
edition of the Jerusalem Post eloquently states:

” the uncontroversial notion is evidently that the problem is not
Palestinian savagery but Israel's refusal to spare the world images of it.
Regardless of how Israeli decision makers expected the Palestinians to
behave Israel's decision not to destroy the synagogues gave the
Palestinians the opportunity to exceed rock-bottom expectations.

Would the Palestinian Authority be "criticized" if it had decided to spare
a single former synagogue from the raging mobs perhaps for use as a
library or for some international aid agency? Is the idea of sparing a
former place of worship of another religion so foreign that it cannot even
be asked for let alone expected? “

Your Administration has the responsibility to hold the Palestinian Arabs
to a higher level of responsibility. The Palestinian Arab Authority’s
failure to preserve the Jewish holy places is a failure of your Road Map
less than 24 hours after Israel gave in to the concessions you demanded of

The editorial continued:

”Israel's withdrawal was not yet a day old when the first
post-disengagement Palestinian mortar landed in Sderot. If Washington is
not quick to hold the Palestinian Authority responsible for such attacks
and demand effective action disengagement will have been for naught and
terrorism will escalate again. Now is not the time for evenhandedness but
for holding the Palestinians accountable for their actions.”

A sign of evenhandedness would in fact be if the world and especially
America held the Palestinian Arabs accountable for their actions!

The reactions of your administration are both a great disappointment and
an embarrassment.

Respectfully yours

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