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Date: Thu 29 Sep 2005
Subject: VIPAC - .Support Israel: Most Recent Israeli Concessions Have Only

Dear Mr. President:

The recent withdrawal from the Israeli towns and villages in Gaza has
encouraged the Arabs to continue their attacks against Israel. Last
weekend over forty rockets were launched at the Israeli city of Sederot.
The Israeli withdrawal only emboldened the Arabs in their war against the

Despite a continuous series of concessions by Israel Hamas and the other
terrorist groups have continued their attacks. The top UN envoy to the
Middle East Alvaro de Soto recently reported to the UN Security Council
on the progress of peace in the area. De Soto said “Forces of moderation
have prevailed over those of extremism.” Maybe moderation has triumphed on
the Israeli side but not on the Arab side.

The Palestine Arab Authority is being look at as the moderate force on the
Arab side but there has been no move on the part of the PAA to promote
coexistence with Israel. The Synagogues of Gaza were destroyed with their
policemen looking on. The education system of the Arabs still teaches
hatred of Israel of Jews of Christians of anything that is not Islam.
These are not policies of moderation.

Every time Israel makes concessions and other good faith gestures the
response is more terror more death and no peace. It seems we are once
again following this cycle. Your continuing support of the Palestine Arab
Authority and its affiliated terrorist militias is contrary to the
interests of our great country and a threat to the existence of Israel.

Respectfully yours

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