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Date: Thu 6 Oct 2005
Subject: Support Israel! Stop going soft on PLO terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Last week Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice responded to a question at
Princeton University about America being soft on Hamas with a carefully
crafted statement that was not only soft on Hamas but soft on Palestinian
terror in general.

Instead of calling on the Palestinian Authority to immediately disarm the
terrorists Rice showed understanding for this taking an open-ended period
of time. "There are periods of time of transition in which one has to
give some space to the participants in this case the Palestinians to
begin to come to a new national compact." But in the mean time the
Secretary of State stated your administration's position that even while
it is still armed and still vowing Israel's destruction Hamas has your
permission to run and try to win in Palestinian elections.

Mr. President this is a blatant violation of the Oslo Accords which state
that: "The nomination of any candidates parties or coalitions will be
refused and such nomination or registration will be canceled if such
candidates parties or coalitions 1) commit or advocate racism or 2)
pursue the implementation of their aims by unlawful non-democratic means.?

For your administration to go soft now on Islamic terror in general and
Palestinian terror in particular undermines the security of all
Americans. A specific current threat of Islamic mass murder against the
New York City subway system is RIGHT NOW being confronted by the New York
police force and tens of thousands of American civilians. Your
administration's expression of understanding of the need "to give some
space" to Hamas terrorists could literally blow up in the face of
thousands of Americans.

Please for the safety of the American public you have sworn to defend
end your political and financial support of the Palestinian Arab Authority
and the Islamic terrorists it harbors.




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