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Date: Fri 14 Oct 2005
Subject: Support Israel: Anarchy In Arab Gaza will not bring peace

Dear Mr. President:

Unfortunately peace between the Arabs and Israel is no closer today than
six months ago before the expulsion of the Jews from Gaza. Reports from
Arab ruled Gaza indicate that anarchy prevails in the territory.

Fatah gangs belonging to the party of Palestinian Arab Authority leader
Abbas are running rampant in Gaza. Al-Azhar University in Gaza City has
been shut down after gunmen belonging to the ruling Fatah party beat the
institution's president and some of his aides. The attack took place on
Wednesday when some 20 gunmen stormed the offices of university president
Dr. Adnan al-Khaldi and forced him to flee after assaulting him.

This attack was not the first of its kind on the university. Earlier this
year another Fatah group stormed the campus and threatened to lynch the
university president who managed to escape unharmed.

The attack coincided with a report published by the Palestinian Arab
Authority showing that the armed wing of Minister Abbas's Fatah Aksa
Martyrs Brigades was largely responsible for the continued state of
lawlessness and anarchy. Figures released showed that Fatah gunmen were
involved last August in 20 incidents of lawlessness while Hamas came in
second with only 18 violations. The number of Palestinians killed in
domestic violence since the beginning of the year was higher than those
killed by the IDF the figures showed. If Abbas cannot control his own
party how can we trust him to make peace?

In another sign of growing lawlessness a Palestinian man was killed and
two others injured in armed clashes between rival Fatah gangs in the town
of Kabatya near Jenin. The victim was identified as Ala Sabaneh a
policeman who was wanted by Israel for his role in terror activities.
Residents said the gunmen were local members of rival factions of the Aksa
Martyrs Brigades

Supporting a Palestinian Arab state is support for anarchy in the Middle
East. There is no rule of law and no support for the present regime. To
continue your support for another Palestinian Arab state is to allow the
world terrorists Al Qaeda Hezbollah the Iranian autocracy and others a
place of refuge.

I urge you to end the folly of supporting Palestinian Arab autonomy.

Respectfully yours


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