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Date: Sun 16 Oct 2005
Subject: Support Israel! End Bush support for PLO terror state!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On Sunday October 16 two young Jewish women and one Jewish boy were
murdered in a PLO attack on Highway 60 at the Gush Etzion Junction.
Another five persons were wounded among them two seriously one
moderately and one lightly. This bloodshed of innocent young Jews in
Israel was made possible by Israeli security concessions which were
encouraged or coerced by your administration.

David Baker an official in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office told the
Associated Press that "Israel removed roadblocks and made a number of
humanitarian gestures to ease up on the Palestinians. It's unfortunate
that the Palestinians have exploited these measures to carry out these
murderous attacks."

The Al Aksa Brigades a terror group associated with the Fatah PLO faction
claimed responsibility for the attack. PA chief Mahmoud Abbas is the
leader of the Fatah party whose members committed this recent massacre of
Jewish innocents. You will be hosting this terror chief in The White
House this Thursday October 20.

According to Bloomberg News you recently summoned PA officials to the
White House in advance of this meeting to assure them that you would
pressure Israel to make further territorial concessions. "Don't worry"
you told Abbas' emissaries "I have some political sway with Israel and
will use it if need be."

Mr. President your approval rating has dropped to an embarrassingly low
level in the USA. Instead of squandering the remaining bits of political
capital left to you by continuing to alienate your constituents who
support Israel why not use your Thursday meeting with Abbas for a more
constructive purpose? Tell Abbas publicly in the Rose Garden in front of
reporters and cameras that these latest murders by his gang members
after so many Israeli concessions were too much for you to bear. Tell
him that he and his PA thugs are no longer welcome in our country and
that they must leave by sundown or face arrest. Tell him his PA will no
longer receive the 200 million dollar annual dole that you currently
provide from American tax coffers.

And finally tell him you no longer support a PLO terror state and that
the American people never did.





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