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Date: Mon 14 Feb 2000
Subject: Support Israel not PLO terror (VIPAC)


Dear Mr. President:

On Tuesday February 8 Yasir Arafat chose to release Abdel-Aziz Rantisi the
second in command of the Hamas terrorists. This would be consistent with
Arafat once again giving a green light for suicide bombings and other acts of
terror against Israel. Indeed on Thursday February 10 in the village of
Brokin near Shechem an Arab terrorist was blown up and two of his partners
in crime were injured in what has been labeled by Israel's security forces
as a "work accident." This means that it occurred as these Hamas terrorists
were preparing a suicide bomb. Apparently Arafat's green light for
terrorism is not being ignored by his constituents.

Your administration's lack of response--no public criticism no withholding
of the 400 million dollars in aid your administration provides to the PLO--is
disheartening. This shows your administration's lack of outrage as another
campaign of terror is begun by the PLO. I think this is wrong.

Please stop your administration's continued silent acquiescence of the PLO's
terrorist crimes. Instead please support Israel's Biblical and historical
rights for sovereignty--as well as Israel's security claims--in Judea
Samaria and the Golan Heights.


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