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Date: Fri 28 Oct 2005
Subject: Support Israel: More Innocent Israelis Murdered - Pressure on

Dear Mr. President:

The headlines tell the true story: Arab Suicide Murderer Kills 5 Israelis
at a Falafel Stand; Iranian President Calls Israel “a Disgraceful Blot”;
UN reports that Weapons are flowing from Syria to Lebanese Militias (i.e.
Hezbollah); and missiles are launched by Arabs from Gaza into Israel.

Within a two week period the “peaceful” Arabs have murdered eight
Israelis. The peace concessions made by Israel this summer have not
produced peace for its people. The Arab murderers have been emboldened.
While the Arab leader Abbas claims there is a truce innocent Israelis are
murdered: Young adults at a bus stop and shoppers in an open-air market.

Pressure on Israel to appease the Arab murderers is counter productive and
encourages terrorism. Until the Arabs disarm the terrorists attacking
Israel and put an end to their Nazi-like rhetoric against the Jewish State
there will be no peace. Your Administration’s molly-coddling the Arab
Palestinian Authority is counter-productive. You must put an end to your
support of the Arab Authority and a fourth Arab state within Palestine.

Respectfully yours


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