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Date: Fri 4 Nov 2005
Subject: Support Israel! Bush funding for Hamas is criminal!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

The United States has a short list of officially recognized terror
organizations. It is a federal offense to financially support any one of
those organizations. Hamas is on that short list of terror organizations.
Hamas is also due to your administration's insistence running for
political offices in the Palestinian Arab Authority election scheduled for
this coming January 25th.

In recent municipal elections in the PA-controlled town of Qalqilya Hamas
terrorists were elected to become the city's mayor as well as to fill each
seat of the city council. In the upcoming Jan 25th election for the PA
Hamas will compete for additional offices and gain more political power.
Yet your administration's annual dole exceeding 200 million dollars to the
Palestinian Arab Authority has not ceased for a moment despite the
growing power of Hamas in the PA.

Mr. President this is a crime. Not only in the technical legal sense of
violating federal antiterrorism statutes but in the larger moral sense as
well. Your funding of Hamas with American tax dollars while Hamas
continues its terror campaign that has murdered and crippled hundreds of
innocent Americans and Israelis is a sin every as much as it is a crime.
And the magnitude of that sin and that crime will only increase as Hamas'
role and power in the PA increases.

Please Mr. President end your illegal and immoral funding of the PA.
Return to a path of moral clarity so that America's fight for survival
against Islamist terror can be a consistent sustainable and victorious
effort for free people everywhere.




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