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Date: Fri 11 Nov 2005
Subject: Support Israel: End American Support of Terror Regimes

Dear Mr. President:

The recent terrorist attacks in Amman Jordan have brought protestors into
the streets and have galvanized local Arab population to protest
terrorism. A report in the Jerusalem Post described the protests on
November 9 2005 the day of the explosion: “What had started out in the
morning as state-propagated rallies in remote villages like the Jordan
Valley's al-Mashara to Amman transformed into massive outpourings of
support for the regime. Thousands of Jordanians filed by the Radisson
Hotel the hardest hit with as many as 25 deaths Asst. Gen. Manager
Bassem Banna told reporters outside the hotel Thursday afternoon. The
protesters chanted pro-government statements blasted national songs on
their car stereos and brandished placards demanding an end to terrorism.
Professional billboard designer George Rizkale created one specially for
the rally. It read: ‘Terrorism is a cancer on all humanity.’"

These reactions are in contrast to the reaction on the Arab street after
the murders of Americans on 9/11 and the continuing terrorist acts
perpetrated on an almost daily basis against Israelis. When Americans and
Jews were being murdered the Arab street was dancing in joy. Had they not
reacted with glee at the murder of innocent Westerners perhaps the evil
of terrorism would not have spread to them.

The inclusion of Arab terrorists in Palestinian Arab Authority elections
is a reward for the murder of innocent civilians. Failure to punish terror
today will only encourage more terror in the future. Yesterday Tel Aviv
today Amman and G-d forbid tomorrow in the United States.

The failure of the Palestinian Arab Authority to disarm Hamas Islamic
Jihad and other terrorist groups should not be rewarded by the
continuation of aid being sent by your Administration. Peace will only be
achieved by ending terror and not rewarding it. It is time we stopped
rewarding terrorism before there are more 9/11’s.

Respectfully yours

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