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Date: Tue 15 Nov 2005
Subject: Support Israel! End Bush Pressure to Surrender to PLO

Dear Mr. President:

The New York Times in an article by Steve Weisman on Nov 16 reported the
following: "This week Ms. Rice leaned heavily on Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon and his aides to ease Israeli controls over the people and goods
going in and out of the Gaza Strip."

Mr. President are you easing controls on who crosses the borders from
Syria into Iraq? Are you easing the controls on who crosses the borders
from Mexico into the United States or from Canada into the United States?
Are you even easing controls on who crosses the front gate of the White
House? You most certainly are not because we live in a dangerous world
and decreased security controls at crucial crossings lead to increased
terrorism as we painfully learned on 9/11.

Why are you pressing Israel to diminish vital security controls at
important transit points which America itself maintains with such
stringency? You have pressured Israel into such compromises many times
before and each time the price for your appeasement of PLO terror was paid
for by the loss of dozens of innocent Israeli lives. Most recently on
Sunday October 16 three young Israelis one a young bride who had just
been married for two months were murdered by PLO terrorists at Gush
Etzion because Israeli check points had been removed at your request.

Haven't enough Israelis died because of your eagerness to accommodate PLO
terrorists? Please Mr. President end your appeasement of PLO terror and
your alienation of the few Americans who are still interested in
supporting you. Support Israeli sovereignty in its historical and
Biblical homeland so that a PLO terror state does not arise to threaten us





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