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Date: Fri 25 Nov 2005
Subject: Support Israel: End Aid to the Palestinian Arab Authority -

Dear Mr. President:

The recent attacks by the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah against
Israel are a grim reminder about the consequences of a unilateral
withdrawal in the Middle East conflict. Five years ago Israel withdrew
from the security positions it held in Lebanon with the expectation that
the Lebanese government would remove the terrorist militia presence and
take military responsibility for their southern border with Israel. The
recent unprovoked attacks by terrorists from Lebanon are a reminder of the
failure of the unilateral withdrawal and an example of what we may expect
from the Palestine Arab Authority five years from now – a strong Hamas
unrestrained by the PAA continuing its aggression against Israel and the
innocent citizens of that country.

I urge you to remove all support of the Palestinian Arabs until they
dismantle the terrorist infrastructure. The Palestinian Arab leader Abbas
has refused to take a stand against the Palestinian Arab terrorist
organizations. Without such a stand Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from
Gaza will result in the use of that territory and the Arab settlements
within it as nothing more than a large terrorist base.

I urge you to withdraw all support for the Palestinian Arabs until they
take a stand against the terrorists. Until then any aid we give to the
Palestinian Arabs will end up strengthening the terrorists.

Respectfully yours




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