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Date: Thu 8 Dec 2005
Subject: Support Israel's right to protect its borders from PLO

Dear Mr. President:

Monday December 5 2005 a PLO suicide bomber killed 5 Israelis outside a
shopping mall in Netanya. The Los Angeles Times reported on December 7
in an article by Ken Ellingwood that "the day before the bombing Israel
had eased travel restrictions to allow more Palestinian workers and
merchants into Israel. About 9000 Palestinians from Gaza entered through
the Erez crossing to work or conduct business Sunday under the relaxed

Mr. President your administration's consistent position has been that
Israel ease travel restrictions on Palestinians Arabs and allow more of
them into Israel. The consistent consequence of such lax security has
been more PLO suicide bombers killing more Israelis. The five Israelis
killed in Netanya this past Monday just one day after Israel eased
Palestinian Arab travel restrictions are only the most recent examples of
this murderous pattern that has been tragically repeated in every year of
your administration.

In your speech on November 30 at Annapolis you made mention of seven
countries that have been hit by Islamist terrorist groups yet Israel was
conspicuously absent. Probably you excluded Israel from that list of
terrorist targets out of a feeling of guilt because too many of the
Israelis have become victims of terror directly because of security
concession you forced upon Israel. Mr. President you can ease your
conscience and save innocent Israeli lives by ending your opposition to
Israel vigorously protecting its borders with Palestinian Arabs.





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