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Date: Thu 15 Dec 2005
Subject: Support Israel: Aid to Arab Palestine Contributes to the Murder of

Dear Mr. President:

I am greatly troubled by your continuing support of the Palestinian Arab
Authority. Your Administration has made great effort to give the
Palestinian Arabs another state within Israel’s borders. This
encouragement has led to an increase in terrorism in the Middle East and
the death of hundreds of innocent civilians including many Israelis and

After the recent bombing in the Israeli city of Netanya Javier Solna the
European Union’s foreign policy chief condemned the attack and pushed for
the Palestinian Arab Authority and other Arab action against the attack:
“I urge the Palestinian (Arab) Authority to arrest and judge those
responsible for this attack. I also urge the (Arab) countries in this
region to use their influence to cease all support to armed Palestinian
(Arab) opposition groups.”

The Palestinian Arab spokesperson Tawfiq Abu Husa said that Abas’s
promised crackdown on terrorists would begin “as soon as an investigation
is concluded.” Newspaper reports of the incident stated that Tawfiq did
not know when the investigation would be concluded.

The Palestinian Arabs have refused to take responsibility for the terror
being perpetrated in Israel. They have refused to educate their people to
tolerate Israel and its people.

Today seven rockets were launched at Israel from Arab Gaza and one reached
the outskirts of the Israeli city of Ashkelon. In addition a car bomb was
found on an Israeli road near Bethlehem. Is this the road to peace? Is
this an Arab authority that your administration should support?
Categorically no!

Until the Arabs make an attempt to rein in the terrorists and live in
peace we cannot support the prospect of another Arab state. I urge you to
end all foreign aid and assistance being sent to the Palestinian Arabs.
Until they take action to stop terror this aid is abetting the murder of
innocent civilians.

Respectfully yours

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