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Date: Thu 22 Dec 2005
Subject: Support Israel! End Bush Push for free transit for PLO

Dear Mr. President:

On December 16 the Steve Erlanger reported in the NY Times that:
"American officials have pushed Israel not to delay the bus convoys (from
Gaza to the West Bank) which were arranged after the intervention of
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice."

Mr. President the United States has a very peaceful border with Canada.
Yet no American can cross the Canadian border without being interviewed by
a Canadian Mountie who often asks them to open the trunk of their car or
their suitcases to ensure no contraband is being transported. Traversing
the border in the other direction even chickens and cows cannot cross the
border from Canada to the USA without being scrutinized due to concerns
for Avian flu virus and mad cow disease neither of which have yet to kill
a single American.

Yet you demand that the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza who have murdered
hundreds of Israelis and continue to fire rockets into Israel injuring
five on Thursday December 22 be allowed to freely cross Israel to gain
unfettered access to the West Bank. This would allow them to bring their
weaponry and suicide bombers into the West Bank without challenge or delay
from Israeli authorities. This is a foolish policy that encourages
Palestinian terrorists to believe they have your support.

Please Mr. President allow Israel the right to impose the same stringent
border controls against PLO suicide bombers from Gaza that the US imposes
on chickens and cows that try to cross the Canadian border.





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