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From: Martin Berkowitz
Date: Thu 24 Feb 2000
Subject: VIPAC _ Support Israel


Dear Sir:

Today's New York Times contains an article describing a cartoon from a
newspaper in Qatar which "depicted Mr. Barak as Hitler wearing an armband
and a Star of David medal with a skull hanging from it."

This is old worn out propaganda from the Arabs. This is the propaganda of
hate not the propaganda of reproachment. While the Arabs portray
themselves to the outside world as pursuing peace to their own people
they preach hate. Whether it be with cartoons in newspapers or curricula
in schools they proclaim that the Israelis are an evil people that are
not to be trusted. Instead of preparing their people for a possible peace
they are preaching that the current talks with Israel is just the first
step toward the liberation of the entire Palestine.

I urge you to support Israel. Our government must tell the Arabs that
their messages of hate are not to be condoned. That there can be no
agreements until they properly prepare their people for peace. We cannot
force urge or instruct Israel to make peace with unwilling partners.

It takes two parties to dance and two parties to make peace. The Arabs
must be forced to live up to the full responsibilities that peace
requires. Until they do there can be no peace.

I urge you to support Israel.

Respectfully yours

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