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Date: Fri 6 Jan 2006
Subject: Support Israel! End Bush Aid to Evil PLO! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On Thursday December 29 the fourth day of the Hanukkah festival Lt. Uri
Binamo sacrificed his life to protect Israeli children. That was the day
he stopped an Arab taxi at a temporary road block he had set up outside of
Tulkarm. He did so because of a warning that a Palestinian Arab suicide
bomber was on his way to massacre Jewish children at a Hanukkah
celebration in Tel Aviv.

Lt. Binamo 21 years old was an experienced soldier who knew very well
the dangers of confronting Arab suicide bombers. But Lt. Binamo bravely
carried out his mission even at the cost of his life so that Jewish
children celebrating Hanukkah in Tel Aviv could be safe.

The Palestinian Arab suicide bomber Suhaib Ibrahim Yassin 19 years old
also certainly knew the consequences of fulfilling his mission. But he
was determined to kill Jewish children no matter what the personal cost.

So on the fourth day of Hanukkah on a small road outside Tulkarm as Lt.
Uri Binamo forced Yassin out of his taxi and asked him to raise his shirt
to check for a belt of explosives you had a stark dramatic contrast: two
young men confronting each other equally determined to give his life for
his cause. The Israeli soldier's cause was to save innocent children and
the Palestinian Arab's cause was to murder them. It was a classic
confrontation between the forces of life and the forces of death between
good and evil and between the righteousness of Israel's cause and the
wickedness of the Palestinian's cause.

And your administration can't make the decision to side with Israel
against the Palestinians despite all the horrible crimes the Palestinians
have already committed and the even more monstrous crimes they publicly
plan to commit in the future. The billion dollars your administration has
given to the Palestinian Authority some of which the PA is now sending to
Yassin's family as a reward for murdering Lt. Binamo sullies American
honor and is a blot on American history. Please end it now.

In Deuteronomy Chapter 30 verse 19 the Bible says the following: "I
have set before you life and death the blessing and the curse; therefore
choose life." Personally I always thought that Biblical command to be so
obvious as to be unnecessary. But your administration's continued
inablity to choose between the heroic Lt. Binamo and the terrorist Yassin
demonstrated by your continued financial and political support for the
Palestinian Authority shows that Biblical instruction to be tragically
and truly necessary.

Please Mr. President heed that Biblical command and end your financial
and political support of the evil Palestinian Authority.




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