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Date: Wed 18 Jan 2006
Subject: Support Israel: Stop Pressuring Israel to Make Concessions to Arab

Dear Mr. President:

The sudden change in power in Israel should not be looked upon by its
enemies as an opportunity to force our ally to make additional unanswered
concessions to the Palestinian Arabs. The Arabs have not expressed their
willingness or an ability to create a viable state. Lawlessness is rampant
throughout Arab governed Gaza. Terrorists take over the Interior Ministry.
On a daily basis rocket attacks are made against pre-1967 Israel.

In a pre-election video the terrorist group Hamas vowed to continue
fighting against Israel until that country is destroyed. Even more
disturbing is that in a recent poll 75% of the Palestinian Arabs supported
the continuation of armed struggle until all of Israel is destroyed. With
an estimated 40% of the Palestinian Arab vote expected to go to Hamas
expectation of a Palestinian Arab Authority that is willing to co-exist
with Israel our ally is very unlikely.

What would be the implications for peace if a large component of the
Palestinian Authorityís parliament is made up of people who openly support
Israelís destruction?

Why does your administration continue to support the Palestinian Arabs in
the face of opposition to our ally and our interests? Terror has been
exported from Arab Palestine throughout the world. If there are suicide
murderers attacking our troops and allies in Iraq why are we supporting
the terrorists of the Palestinian Arab Authority?

The Palestinian Arabs do not seem like a people that are interested in
peaceful coexistence with the only democracy in the Middle East Israel. I
urge you to stop pressuring Israel in an effort to appease the Palestinian
Arabs Hamas and the other terrorist groups.

Respectfully yours




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