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Date: Sat 28 Jan 2006
Subject: Support Israel! End Bush Aid to Hamas Terrrorists NOW (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Hamas is on the United States Government list of officially designated
terrorist organizations. That means that if someone gives money to Hamas
they are violating American law and are subject to prosecution and a jail
sentence. That applies to all American citizens yourself included. For
as Judge Alito said during his recent confirmation hearings: "No one is
above the law. Not even the President of the United States."

After the recent Palestinian Arab elections the PA is now controlled by
Hamas. That means all your administration's financial aid to the Hamas
controlled PA--the official 400 million dollars in direct aid to the PA as
well as the additional hundreds of millions of dollars of indirect aid
provided each year by your administration--must end now. Otherwise you
risk violating the American laws that prohibit supporting Hamas.

Please Mr. President obey the laws of this country that prohibit giving
money to Hamas. Please do so not only to stay out of jail but also for
the sake of the integrity and effectiveness of America's war for survival
against Islamic terror. Please end all your financial and political
support for the PA immediately!




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