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Date: Thu 9 Feb 2006
Subject: Support Israel: Palestinian Arabs Elect Terrorists to Power in

Dear Mr. President:

The hope that democratic elections will bring peace to the Middle East
took a discouraging turn with the election of Hamas terrorists to power by
Palestinian Arabs. Hamas has refused to recognize the existence of Israel
and plans to use force to “throw the Israelis into the sea.”

In the words of Alan Dershowitz Harvard professor of constitutional law:
“The irony of course is that as Israel moves closer to peace – as all
three major (Israeli political) candidates advocate a two state solution –
and as the (Arab) Palestinians move further away from peace with the
overwhelming election of Hamas the movement for boycott increases so
Israelis never get rewarded for moving towards peace and (Arab)
Palestinians never get punished for moving away from peace.”

I urge you to cancel or suspend all aid to Palestinian Arabs and withdraw
your support for an independent state. The specter of another terrorist
state to join Syria Iran and Hezbollah’s Lebanon is overwhelming.
Rewarding terror and terrorists whether or not they are democratically
elected will not bring peace only the continuation of the Arab war
against Western civilization.

Respectfully yours




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