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Date: Thu 11 May 2006
Subject: Support Israel: Palestinian Arab Terror Regime Promotes Terror

Dear Mr. President:

Israel's security service revealed that two Hamas operatives were arrested
in April after infiltrating from the Sinai Peninsula. According to a
report in the Jerusalem Post “They confessed to planning to establish a
terror cell in the West Bank and in Israel with the goal of kidnapping
soldiers and carrying out terror attacks.”

The newspaper report continued to state that the two terrorists admitted
that they received instructions from Hamas operatives in the Gaza Strip.
The terrorists were captured three weeks after another Hamas operative was
arrested in Tulkarem on April 29 after being sent to the West Bank from
Gaza. That terrorist was also planning to begin laying the infrastructure
for a new terror cell.

According to Israeli security officials "The arrest of these operatives is
another example of Hamas's incessant involvement in terrorism."

American and World support for the “democratically elected” Palestinian
Arab terrorist regime must not resume. Imagine our anger if the World
would send aid to Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda forces.

I urge you not to end your resolve – no aid to terror. No aid to the
Palestinian Arab terror regime.

Respectfully yours

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