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Date: Thu 18 May 2006
Subject: Support Israel! Arabs "NEED TO GO" not Israelis! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Nathan Guttman reported in the Jerusalem Post on May 19 that a senior
official in your administration says you have prepared questions and
demands for Israeli Prime Minister Olmert when you meet him. Included in
those demands your senior official states is the demand that in Judea
Samaria Jerusalem and the Golan Heights Israeli citizens must be
forcibly removed from their homes. The actual words used by your senior
official according to the Jerusalem Post were that these Israeli Jews
"need to go."

I respectfully disagree Mr. President. What needs to go is your
administration's warped sense of values that encourages expelling Jews
from their historical and Biblical homeland. What needs to go is your
administration's continued "humanitarian" funding of Hamas because every
fungible dollar you send for "humanitarian" aid frees up a dollar for a
suicide bomber's explosives. Finally what needs to go from Judea
Samaria Gaza Jerusalem and the Golan is every single terrorist Arab who
does not support the Jewish State's historical and Biblical right for
sovereignty in its ancient G-d given homeland.

Please Mr. President remember it was the masses of Palestinian Arabs who
danced in their streets in jubilation over the deaths of thousands of
Americans on 9/11. Please don't harm America's Israeli allies while
helping America's Palestinian Arab enemies. America's security will be
significantly enhanced when you finally declare that your policy of
appeasement of Palestinian Arab terrorism "needs to go" and that what
"needs to come" is Israel's full sovereignty in all of its homeland.




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