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Date: Thu 25 May 2006
Subject: Support Israel: When Palestinian Arabs Elect a Terrorist

Dear Mr. President:

In an editorial on May 25 2006 entitled “A Viable Palestinian State”
The New York Times declared ”To a significant degree the Palestinians
put themselves in this spot by electing Hamas to run their government and
the Bush administration is right to refuse to legitimize a government
dedicated to the destruction of Israel. But Mr. Bush should not punish the
Palestinian people by endorsing any unilateral proposal — doing that would
punish them for exercising their democratic right to vote.”

Mr. President Adolph Hitler was elected to office by the German people.
Did that mean that after Hitler’s Armies invaded Poland the World was
obligated to feed starving German civilians?

The Iranian people elected President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a democratic
election. Does that mean that we should continue economic ties with that
country and indirectly aid the Iranians in their goal to become a nuclear

After a recent murder attack perpetrated by a Palestinian Arab from Jenin
in the West Bank the new Palestinian government of Hamas declared this a
legitimate act of resistance to Israeli “occupation.” The democratically
elected Arab government supports the murder of civilians!

At the funeral of one of the innocent civilians murdered in this attack
the former chief rabbi of Israel and now chief rabbi of Tel Aviv Rabbi
Israel Meir Lau declared "A father saying Kaddish" the prayer for the
dead "for his son! Who are these savages who do these things and no one
takes the hand outstretched for peace? Heaven is not for such people. For
what do they give their lives? To kill innocents? This is religion? No
this is a distortion of all mercy and all religious feeling and I want
the Muslim clerics to tell the truth that murder doesn't bring paradise."

A government might have been elected by the so-called Palestinian Arabs in
a democratic process but that government denies the right of people the
Jewish people to live within its own borders!

That government has not only rejected all peaceful overtures but is
determined to wipe Israel from the map of the Middle East. Such a
government cannot receive the support of our country. Such a people should
not and cannot be rewarded for their belligerence even if they act in a
“democratic” manner.

When Palestinian Arabs elect a terrorist government they define themselves
as a terrorist people. Electing a government sworn to destroy Israel in a
democratic process is a condemnation of the entire Palestinian Arab
population. Palestinian Arabs do not deserve assistance form our country
in any form.

Respectfully yours

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