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Date: Thu 1 Jun 2006
Subject: Support Israel! Arabs abuse their kids to kill others! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On June 1 Ya'akov Katz reported in the Jerusalem Post in an article
titled "Kids brandish guns to test IDF vigilance" the following
Palestinian Arab cruelty: "A group of Palestinian children were sent
towards the Gaza Strip border fence holding toy guns on Thursday in order
to test the vigilance of the soldiers on duty. From a distance troops
noticed four apparently armed Palestinians approaching the border north of
the Kissufim crossing. When the four were some 400 meters from the fence
the soldiers realized that they were children who looked to be about 13
years of age and that their guns were toys."

No Palestinian Arabs marched in protest of their government's abuse of
their own children. No Palestinian Arab newspaper or radio program
publicly condemned this cruel and cowardly horror of using their own
children as human shields. Yet these are the people your administration
wants to provide with political sovereignty which inevitably includes an
army navy air force and missile stockpile. How foolish Mr. President.

How long do you think it will take before these Palestinian Arabs who
publicly danced in their streets on 9/11 to celebrate the murder of 3000
Americans use the resources you give them to attack America? If they
have no remnant of human feeling towards their own children what pity do
you expect them to have on America's children?

Please Mr. President for the sake of America's children end your support
for Palestinian Arab sovereignty on Israel's historic lands. Instead
support full Israeli sovereignty in all of Jerusalem Judea Samaria
Gaza and the Golan Heights.





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