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Date: Thu 15 Jun 2006
Subject: Support Israel not Arab lies and land-grabs! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Jerusalem all of it belongs to Israel. Judea Samaria the Golan
Heights and Gaza all belong to Israel. The Bible states this clearly and
repeatedly. The League of Nations codified this in the Palestine Mandate
after World War 1. And archeology digs throughout the region provide
scientific evidence of the ancient and continuous connection of the Jewish
people to all these lands.

Palestinian Arab historical claims to the land of Israel are baseless and
insulting to Jew and Christian alike. They repeatedly pervert the Bible
simultaneously committing heresy and forgery on a scale no faithful
Christian or Jew can abide in their attempts to steal parts of Israel.
Their claims that Ishmael not Isaac was bound on Mount Moriah; that
Ishmael not Isaac was chosen by Abraham to inherit the Promised Land; that
King Solomon who built the Temple was a Moslem (even though the founder of
Islam was born 1600 years after King Solomon died); and that the Jewish
Temple never was in Jerusalem but existed somewhere near modern-day

These outrageous Arab lies and libels insult the Old Testament as well as
the New and they are the basis for the Palestinian Arab "historical"
claim to the Land of Israel. Please Mr. President reject these
Palestinian libels and attempted land-grabs. Just because Palestinian
Arabs match their outrageous lies with outrageous acts of murder does not
mean you should pay them heed.

Rather the opposite is true. The monstrous lies and terrorist massacres
perpetrated by Palestinian Arabs are mutually reinforcing reasons why you
should end your support for a Palestinian Arab state. Instead you should
support full Israeli sovereignty in all of the historic homeland of the
Jewish nation including all of Jerusalem Judea Samaria the Golan
Heights and Gaza.





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