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Date: Thu 29 Jun 2006
Subject: Support Israel: Arab Terror Earns No Aid No Support and No State

Dear Mr. President:

Recent events in Arab Gaza are evidence that the democratically elected
Palestinian Arab government is continuing to pursue the “Arafat terrorist”
agenda and must be stopped. The Israeli government in a misguided move
last year evacuated all Jews from the Gaza Strip. The hope that an
enlightened Palestinian Arab government would arise to work for the
betterment of their people has not been fulfilled.

As reported in the June 30 2006 edition of Ha’Aretz: “The (Israeli)
Foreign Ministry released a statement Thursday saying the recent
security-related events particularly the Qassam rocket fire and the
kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit were realizations of the
Palestinian government's policies of terror.

The acceptance of responsibility for the kidnapping and the Hamas-led
government's demand to exchange prisoners prove that Hamas' primary
objective is not concern for the Palestinian people but determination to
implement its policies of terror the statement said.”

The support by the Palestinian Arabs for the continuing terror acts
against the Israeli civilian population including the murder of an
innocent 18 year old Israeli boy are evidence that they are not looking
for peaceful coexistence with Israel.

The Israeli stance that in the words of a government spokesman: “there
will be no negotiations with a gang of terrorists and criminals who
abducted a soldier from Israeli territory" must be supported. The recent
Israeli arrests of terrorist members of the Palestinian Arab Authority
are in the words of an Israeli Army spokeswomen: "not bargaining chips
for the return of the soldier. It was simply an operation against a
terrorist organization. They will be investigated brought before a judge
to extend their detention and charge sheets will be prepared."

This is democracy. The launching of rockets against civilians in the city
of Sederot is not democracy. The murder of women and children by suicide
murderers in not democracy.

The Palestinian Arabs have elected a terrorist authority and the fallacy
of their ever living in peace with their neighbor Israel must be put to
an end. I urge you to support Israel. The Palestinian Arabs who elected a
terrorist government and support the murder of innocents deserve no aid
no government no state and no sympathy from the rest of the world!

Respectfully yours




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