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Date: Fri 7 Jul 2006
Subject: Support Israel's fight against Arab terror in Gaza! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

After Israel withdrew its troops from Gaza and after Israel uprooted
10000 of its citizens to provide Gaza's Arabs the Jundenrein zone they
demanded the Arabs responded in their typical fashion. They interpreted
Israel's willingness to make painful sacrifices for peace as a sign of
weakness. The Arabs concluded that with increased attacks they could
defeat the Jewish State.

They increased their firing of missiles into Israel hitting Sderot
multiple times every day for months killing and maiming many innocents.
Then Gaza's Arabs extending the range of their rockets hitting targets
deeper inside Israel's heartland. Kibbutz Yad Mordechai Kibbutz Sa'ad
Ashkelon and most recently Netivot have all became free-fire zones for
Arab missiles from Gaza. When the Arab campaign of murder and destruction
included the kidnapping of the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and after
extensive diplomatic efforts failed to free him Israeli slowly began to
respond militarily.

Mr. President North Korea fired seven empty rockets that quickly fell
into the ocean and you correctly considered this a security threat to
America. Gaza's Arabs have had a much more extensive and much more
murderous missile campaign against Israel going on for months. It is
long overdue that you issue a clear statement that you support Israel's
military conquest of all of Gaza so that rocket attacks are never again
launched from there upon Israel's cities and that Arab kidnappers are not




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