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Date: Fri 14 Jul 2006
Subject: Support Israel: Arab Terror Must Be Stopped

Dear Mr. President:

Terrorism has once again sparked a major conflagration in the Middle East.
The Hezbollah terrorists part of the Lebanese government have attacked
Israel and are launching massive rocket attacks against some of Israel’s
major population centers.

To quote an editorial in the Jerusalem Post (July 13 2006): “An act of
war. This is how Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has correctly described the
Wednesday morning attacks on soldiers defending Israel's sovereign border
in the North. The words may also be applied to the escalating attacks
across Israel's sovereign borders in the South. The responsibility of the
Israeli government in such circumstances the responsibility of any
government is to cripple the attackers and to restore security to its

Hezbollah the emissary of Syria and Iran attacked Israeli territory and
killed three Israel soldiers on border patrol and captured two more in an
onslaught that included heavy Katyusha and mortar fire. Four more Israelis
were murdered when their tank was blown up as the Israeli forces moved
into Lebanon in an attempt to rescue their captured comrades.

Prime Minister Olmert said "The events this morning are not terror
attacks but actions of a sovereign state that attacked Israel for no
reason. The Lebanese government of which Hezbollah is a member is trying
to undermine regional stability. Lebanon is responsible and it will bear

For months Israel’s border with Gaza has been under attack. Daily barrages
of rockets have been aimed at Israeli cities and towns on the border of
the Palestinian Arab Gaza enclave. The Hamas leadership has supported
these attacks in both word and deed.

Defending Israel requires both military and diplomatic action. Hezbollah
and Hamas in both the north and in the south must be dealt direct heavy
blows from which they cannot be allowed to recover. In the North
Hezbollah’s rocket arsenal army and terrorist training camps in southern
Lebanon must be destroyed.

It is Israel's responsibility to defend its citizens from attack by
destroying the capabilities of its attackers and imposing sufficient costs
at all levels of responsibility. However it must also seek the help of
the international community to stop the continuing terror attacks. The
Jerusalem Post editorial criticized the role the UN has played: “In the
past the UN Security Council has actually provided a vital incentive to
Israel's attackers by standing silent when Israel is attacked and stepping
in only to restrain the Israeli response. If the international community
wants to prevent future crises this pattern must be reversed. “

Israel is caught between the forces of Arab terror in both the north and
the south. It must be allowed to protect its citizens. The Lebanese
acquiescence to Hezbollah forces on its border with Israel Syrian and
Iranian support of Arab terror and the support by the Palestinian Arab
street of Hamas terror must end.

I appreciate your support of the Israeli government and its people. They
are surrounded by millions of hostile Arabs. I urge you to support the
uprooting of the Hezbollah and Hamas terror bands. The only hope for peace
is the eradication of these groups and their evil political designs. I
urge you to continue to give Israel they free hand to get their soldiers
back and free their people from the threat of constant attack.

Respectfully yours


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