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Date: Thu 27 Jul 2006
Subject: Thank you for Supporting Israel in its War With The Lebanese

Dear Mr. President:

I want to thank you for supporting the Israeli People in their war against
the Lebanese Hezbollah terror army. I applaud your steadfast support of
Israel at this dangerous time. Constant terror attacks on that country’s
northern border were brought to a head with the wanton murder and
kidnapping of Israeli troops. The failure of the Lebanese Arab government
to maintain order within that country's borders has brought the entire
Middle East and possibly the World to the brink of War.

The frontier today is in Iraq and Israel. If the World fails to halt the
spread of Islamofacism at these points today the next targets will be in
Europe and America.

I thank you for your support and urge you to continue this path until Arab
terror and militarism has been stopped.

Respectfully yours


President George W. Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20500
(202) 456-1414 switchboard
(202) 456-1111 comments
(202) 456-2461 fax

Vice President Richard B. Cheney
Eisenhower Executive Office Building
Washington DC 20501
(202) 456-7549 tel
(202) 456-7044 fax

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington DC 20520
(202) 647-9572 tel
(202) 647-2283 fax

Senator Charles Schumer
313 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510-3203
(202) 224-6542 tel
(202) 228-3027 fax
(212) 486-4430 tel
(212) 486-3654 fax

Senator Hillary Clinton
476 Russel Senate Office Building
Washington DC 25010-3204
(202) 224-4451 tel
(202) 228-0282 fax
(212) 688-6262 tel

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