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Date: Tue 1 Aug 2006
Subject: Support Israel's Victory over Hezbollah Terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Thank you for resisting left-wing pressure to interfere with Israel's acts
of self-defense against Lebanese terror. On Monday July 31 you said: "As
we work with friends and allies it's important to remember this crisis
began with Hezbollah's unprovoked attacks against Israel. Israel is
exercising its right to defend itself." I gratefully acknowledge your
courage to stand by Israel while Islamist terrorists their European
appeasers and American left-wing extremists join in a mounting crescendo
of anti-Israel rhetoric.

Israel is about to launch their crucial final ground assault to defeat
Hezbollah in Lebanon and deal their Iranian and Syrian masters a
humiliating blow. This will be a significant victory in America's war on
terror and it is important that you continue to stand by Israel in the
coming weeks. As Israel's victory on the field of battle becomes more
evident the enemies of freedom will become even more strident in their
anti-Israel rhetoric and will exert increasing pressure upon you to
betray Israel in its time of trial.

Please Mr. President resist that pressure and continue your brave stand
at Israel's side as it fights for its right to live free from Islamist
terror. After 9/11 all patriotic Americans know there is no substitute
for victory in the world-wide fight against Islamist terror. Please Mr.
President stand strong and let Israel finish their fight to destroy
Hezbollah terror in Lebanon. Israel's victory there will help make the
world safer for all freedom-loving people including Americans who are in
the front lines in the war on terror.




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