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Date: Thu 10 Aug 2006
Subject: Support Israel: Israel is fighting with us in our war against

Dear Mr. President:

Thank you very much for your continuing support of Israel in its war
against Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists. The recent plot to destroy
civilian aircraft traveling to America that was uncovered by British
intelligence agents is an outgrowth of the wars in the Middle East and in
Iraq. Stopping terror throughout the World must be our short term goal.
Security and prosperity cannot flourish under the specter of terrorism.
Doron Almog former head of the IDF Southern Command in 2000-2003 in the
August 11th edition of the Jerusalem Post compares the Israeli
abandonment of its positions in Lebanon in 2000 with the disengagement
from Gaza in 2005. “In both cases Israel gave up 100 percent of the
territory. In both cases the territory that was evacuated was taken over
by terrorist organizations - Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in south Lebanon.
In both cases the IDF withdrawal was perceived as proof of Israel's
weakness and the lack of its society's resilience… In both cases the
areas evacuated by the IDF became an increasingly sophisticated repository
for rockets and other arms. In Gaza the main source of the arms is the
smuggling route from Egypt and in Lebanon active assistance in arming
Hezbollah with weapons is provided by Syria and Iran.”
Rewarding Arab terror by withdrawing from contested territory has only
promoted more terror. There can be no further concessions to the Arabs
without concurrent concessions from the Arabs. Handing over land and other
“presents” to the Arab has only strengthened terror. In Lebanon Hezbollah
spent 6 years building a platform to attack Israel. In Gaza the Arab
population rewarded Israeli concessions by bringing the Hamas terrorists
to power. It is time to take back these “presents” and end the terror.
Thank you very much for your continued support of Israel an important
partner in our war against terror.

Respectfully yours

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