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Date: Thu 17 Aug 2006
Subject: Support Israel! Force Hezbollah out of Lebanon

Dear Mr. President:

Your administration forced a reluctant Israel to end its battle for
freedom from Hezbollah terror. Your administration insisted that Israel
accept the recent UN cease-fire plan and to trust you to make sure that
it would be enforced so that Israeli soldiers would be freed and that
Hezbollah terror would not return to Israel's north. Israel has
acquiesced to your proposal and now it is time to redeem your promise.

You have an admirable track record in orchestrating the political forces
that needed to come together to coerce Syria's exit from Lebanon. Now you
must continue applying diplomatic pressure to force Hezbollah's departure
from south Lebanon. You made Israel end its military campaign against the
Islamist fascists in Hezbollah. Now you must ramp up your political and
diplomatic campaign to finish the battle in this front of the war against
Islamist terror that threatens us all.

The same financial political and diplomatic resources that proved so
effective in expelling Syria from Lebanon can be used against Hezbollah.
Please use them vigorously intelligently and quickly so that our war
against Islamist terror will register another success and the security of
our beloved United States of America be further strengthened.




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