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Date: Thu 24 Aug 2006
Subject: Support Israel: Thank you for your support in the face of the

Dear Mr. President:

It is scary to see history repeating itself once again. The headlines in
the August 24 2006 edition of the Jerusalem Post proclaimed that "Iranian
foot-dragging may compel Israel to 'go it alone'." According to an
official of the Israeli government Iran "knows the world will do nothing.
This is similar to attempts to appease Hitler - they are trying to feed
the beast."

Is the World preparing for another Munich? Are we going to stand quietly
by while Europe capitulates to the Iranian threat and sacrifices Israel
and its Jewish population once again. The World stood by while 50 percent
of World Jewry was wiped out during World War II. The World stood by
during the massacres of Rwandans Bosnians and Serbs. Will the World stand
by once again while the Islamofacists plan to annihilate Israel?

These battles are only a small portion of the larger story unfolding in
the World. Bombings of innocents in Mumbai Baghdad and London - in all
of these cases the easy expenditure of human blood is the fault of Muslim
extremists who stop at nothing to achieve their evil aims. The Iranians
Al-Queida and others seek their own version of a worldwide dictatorship
with themselves and their imams as absolute rulers. They follow in the
footsteps of Stalin and Mao in having no mercy on their own people as they
crush dissent and use human suffering to their political advantage. They
follow in the footsteps of Hitler in that they too deny the basic humanity
of Jews they spread the lies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and
they eagerly hope for the day when the only Jewish country on earth will
be wiped off the map.

Mr. President I urge you to stand by Israel. Israel is almost alone among
our allies in standing by us in our fight against terror. Your brave stand
during Israel's recent war with the Lebanese Hezbollah army was
appreciated by Israel and its friends. Your continued support and that of
America is vital to the survival of Israel the sole true democracy in
thre Middle East.

Respectfully yours

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