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Date: Fri 1 Sep 2006
Subject: Support Israel's Blockade of Lebanon until Jewish Prisoners

Dear Mr. President:

Israel reluctantly accepted UN Resolution 1701 at your insistence. At
your request Israel stopped its ground offensive in southern Lebanon even
though its kidnapped soldiers had not yet been released by Hezbollah.
Israel did so because it trusted you to enforce all components of
Resolution 1701 particularly the part calling for the unconditional
release of the Israeli prisoners held by Hezbollah.

It is now time for you to justify that trust with concrete actions. You
should begin by insisting that Israel vigorously maintain its air and sea
blockade of Lebanon until Hezbollah unconditionally releases its Israeli
prisoners as called for in Resolution 1701. You should also insist that
no American or UN aid reach Lebanon until those Israeli prisoners are
released unconditionally.

Hezbollah is the second largest party in the Lebanese government and has
two ministers in the Lebanese Cabinet. Hezbollah is an integral component
of the Lebanese government and people. Therefore Lebanon deserves no
aid or lessening of Israel's air and sea blockade until the most
fundamental portion of Resolution 1701 is met; namely the unconditional
release of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers.





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