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Date: Fri 8 Sep 2006
Subject: Support Israel: Diplomacy Must Insure Gains Made in Lebanese War

Dear Mr. President:

The recent war between Israel Lebanon and the Lebanese Hezbollah
terrorists did not achieve the main Israeli objectives of freeing its
soldiers taken prisoner on its territory by the Hezbollah terrorists.
However a secondary Israeli objective of crushing the terrorist
infrastructure before it would be able to threaten the Jewish State was
felt throughout Lebanon and the Arab World.

In a report in The New York Times on Friday September 1 2006 Muhammad
Srour a cleric in the Lebanese settlement of Aita al Shaab made a simple
observation “as he poked through the shattered ruins of his house
gathering the few remaining clothes and books into plastic bags. ‘We’ve
been beaten so badly that we still don’t want to admit we’ve been beaten’
he said.”

The New York Daily News on Friday September 1 2006 quoted the arch
terrorist Hassan Nasrallah leader of Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists: “We
did not think even 1% that the capture would lead to war at this time
and of this magnitude. You ask me if I had known on July 11 … that the
operation would lead to such a war would I do it? I say no absolutely

The Arab terror regime in Lebanon felt the sting of the democratic state
of Israel. With the silencing of the guns it is up to the diplomats to
make sure that the terrorists are not given an opportunity to re-stock and
once again threaten a free and democratic Israel.

I applaud your past support of Israel and urge you to use the diplomatic
efforts of our great country to stop the Iranians and Syrians from
re-supplying the terrorists.

A free and democratic Israel is depending on your support and help.

Respectively yours

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