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Date: Fri 15 Sep 2006
Subject: Support Israel! No US Funds for PLO/Hamas Axis of Evil!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Hamas is currently on the United States government list of terrorist
organizations. The PLO was also on that same US government list of
terrorist organizations for many years but was taken off it in 1993 after
Arafat signed the Oslo Accords on the White House lawn. The reason given
by the Clinton Administration for removing the PLO at that time from the
official list of terrorist organizations was that the PLO had formally
pledged an end to violence against Israel and therefore was no longer
engaged in terrorism.

Unfortunately that PLO non-violence pledge was not kept. Since Arafat's
signing of the Oslo Accords over 1000 Israelis have been killed by PLO
terrorists and their allies. The PLO and its current leader Mahmoud
Abbas should be placed back on the US list of terrorists where they
belong. This would make it illegal for any American citizen or official
to provide them with political or financial assistance of any kind.

The PLO is currently trying to use its "off-label" terrorist status as a
fig leaf to induce Europe and the USA to resume funding to the current
criminal Hamas government in Gaza. Please Mr. President recognize this
PLO/Hamas unity government for what it is--a unified front of Islamic
fascists who are among Israel's and America's worst enemies in the war on
terror. Respond to the current PLO/Hamas axis of evil in an appropriate
fashion by denying all US funding to both of these Palestinian Arab
terrorist groups.





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