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Date: Fri 20 Oct 2006
Subject: Support Israel: The World Must Stand Up Against

Dear Mr. President:

A few weeks ago tens of thousands of Americans gathered in New York’s Dag
Hammarskjöld Plaza across the street from the United Nations to protest
the appearance of the racist Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. As noted
in an editorial in the Jerusalem Post Ahmadinejad “did not bang his shoe
on his desk at the UN General Assembly as did Soviet leader Nikita
Krushchev in 1960. He did not address world leaders wearing a pistol as
did Yasser Arafat in 1974. The Iranian leader's appearance may well
however be recorded as an even more shameful moment in the checkered
history of an organization supposedly dedicated to advancing international
peace and security.

The leader of Iran is a Holocaust denier who not surprisingly also
denies Israel's right to exist. From other podiums Ahmadinejad has called
for "wiping Israel off the map." This is incitement to genocide and he
continued it albeit in more polite terms from the UN podium. A good part
of his speech was dedicated not to opposing Israel's policies but to
decrying the "tragedy" of its establishment.”

The failure of the World to stand up against Iran as it continues its
pursuit of nuclear capability while funding aggression against democracies
in Israel and Iraq cannot be tolerated. As you stated in your speech to
the U.N. the Iranian leaders have “chosen to deny… liberty and to use
your nation’s resources to fund terrorism and fuel extremism and pursue
nuclear weapons.” The leaders of the free world must stand up to
Ahmadinejad and Iran and put an end to the aggressive policies of that

In the words of the former Israeli Prime Minister and General Ariel
Sharon: "Do not repeat the dreadful mistake of 1938 when enlightened
European democracies decided to sacrifice Czechoslovakia for a 'convenient
temporary solution.' Do not try to appease the Arabs at our expense.
Israel will not be Czechoslovakia. Israel will fight terrorism." ( October
4 2001)

I support your efforts to restore peace to the world and thwart the
aggressive policies of the Iranian regime.

Respectfully yours


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