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Date: Sun 26 Nov 2006
Subject: VIPAC Alert! VIPAC crushed by Cyber Attack!

Dear VIPAC member:

The bad news is that we have been wiped out by a powerful sophisticated
and devastating cyber attack for nearly one month. We can not positively
identify the source of this attack but we think it is likely to be coming
from a group that is unfriendly towards Israel.

Regardless of the identity of the group attacking our VIPAC service we
are focusing our best efforts on repairing the damage we have suffered.
This means we face two primary tasks: 1)Rescuing what remains of our VIPAC
infrastructure. 2)Establishing new and more poweful defenses so we can
continue our campaign for US governmental support for Israel's survival
and sovereignty.

Now for some good news. First please be assured that the privacy of our
list of members was not compromised. We had the most elaborate defense
systems in place to insure your privacy and those defenses were not
breeched. We consider the privacy of our members our most sacred trust
and that was not compromised.

And secondly please take at least some small comfort in the following
thought: We at VIPAC must be doing something right and doing it well to
have provoked an attack that could only have been launched by a group with
enormous financial and technical resources. Our VIPAC billion byte march
on Washington on behalf of Israel must be significant and effective
otherwise we would not have made such a powerful enemy.

Be patient and keep the faith! With the help of the good Lord and our
technical department we hope to be back again better than ever!

Regards Martin Elsant VIPAC Co-chair

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