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Date: Fri 15 Dec 2006
Subject: Support Israel! No PLO terror state! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

You were the first sitting US president to advocate an independent PLO
state in Judea Samaria Gaza and Jerusalem. Your precedent-breaking
support for Arab sovereignty in the historical and Biblical heartland of
the Jewish people has brought much misery to all concerned. Palestinian
Arabs are killing and wounding fellow Arabs at an accelerating rate even
as they increase their rocket fire into Israel during the current "cease
fire." American soldiers in Iraq are facing increasing deadly attacks
from Arabs encouraged by your political and financial support of the PLO.

Mr. President please change course immediately. Please return to the
traditional US position which opposed an independent PLO state. That
time-honored policy was concerned that an independent PLO state with its
own army navy and missile stockpile would be a radical force of
Islamist extremism that would endanger America as much as Israel. The
dancing in the streets on 9/11 by Palestinian Arabs that was televised
around the world was dramatic proof of the validity of that concern.
Iran's current alliance with the Palestinian Authority which coincides
with its rush towards a nuclear arsenal and its increasing shrill calls
for "Death to America" further demonstrates the danger to America posed
by a PLO state.

Instead of your political and financial support for a PLO state please
support Israeli sovereignty in all of its historic and Biblical homeland
including Jerusalem Judea Samaria the Golan Heights and Gaza. That
will deprive America's enemies of another potential launching pad of
attacks against us. It will also correct the injustice that has deprived
the Jewish people of the right of full sovereignty in their ancient and
sacred homeland.





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