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Date: Wed 20 Dec 2006
Subject: Support Israel: Arab Attacks Threaten our Democratic Ally

Dear Mr. President:

The current fighting among Palestinian factions in Gaza territory is
masking the continuing Arab attacks against Israel. While the world is
focusing on Arab fratricide the news that seven missiles have been
launched against Israeli civilians in the southern city of Sderot barely
made the back pages of even the Israeli newspapers.

The Jerusalem Post reported on December 21 2006 that “The cease-fire
between Israel and the Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip
continued to crumble …” The article further stated the fear that “Israel's
lack of response to Palestinian attacks could be perceived by the
Palestinians as weakness.”

Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reported that 40 Kassam rockets had
been fired from the Gaza Strip since the cease-fire went into effect.
Despite the strife among the Arab terrorist gangs the attacks against
Israel continue.

On Israel’s northern border reports from Israel’s Defense Forces state
that Hezbollah is almost back to full combat strength. The report stated
that Syria has used the past four months since the end of the war to
transfer - sometimes on a daily basis - truckloads of advanced rockets and
weaponry to Hezbollah in Lebanon. The report stated that the weapon
transfers were not even executed covertly but were conducted "out in the
open" for the entire world to see.

It is important that your administration protect the rights of our
democratic ally Israel. The continued Arab attacks and the arming of its
sworn enemy in the north are putting our Israeli ally at risk. Your
support and aid is vital to the survival of this important ally.

Respectfully yours

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